As the Northland’s only “food bank,” we serve an important role in ensuring that nationally and regionally donated food makes its way quickly to our neighbors experiencing food insecurity. Whether it’s a Duluth store like Whole Foods Co-op who has surplus food to share, a Kwik Trip in Moose Lake, or a Walmart in Ashland, your support helps us mobilize donations for many NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin agency and community partners and neighbors in need.

As Liz Seefeldt, Executive Director of The BRICK Ministries in Ashland shares, “The support facilitated by Second Harvest is invaluable. Donations from Kwik Trip, Super One Foods, and Walmart made up 30% of donations to our Food Shelf Program last year. Our pantry shoppers are assured a well-rounded selection of nutritious foods thanks to partnerships like these.”

In communities near Duluth, we pick up surplus food donations but when our donors are at a distance, we align them directly with a local partner, often one of the 40 area food shelves like The Brick that we support. Our “Fresh Connect Program” shortens the time and distance between food donation and recipient, which ensures fresher, quality food for local families, children, and seniors. A supply made possible by your generous support of us and our work in your local community.