Northland Hunger

Thousands of Northland neighbors face hunger every day.

Thousands of our neighbors are experiencing food insecurity today, meaning they don’t have access to enough food to lead a healthy and active life. Hunger can affect anyone, and its immediate causes are many and complex.

Who is impacted by hunger in the Northland?

SOURCE: Map the Meal Gap 2021, Feeding America

Help us create a hunger-free Northland

Our food provides stability and nourishes our Northland neighbors in need. It allows children to grow up healthy, and focus and concentrate in school. It ensures vitality, a sense of well-being and stability for adults. It allows seniors access to essential nutrients that support their good health.

Ending hunger together means learning with and from our neighbors who have experienced hunger. It elevates the voices of families, children, and seniors to inform and set the agenda of our local food system. And it advances dignified and equitable food access throughout our region.

Through compassion and action, together we can create a hunger-free Northland for families, children and seniors in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.

There are many ways to help create a hunger-free Northland