Our Results

More than food, together we provide stability for our Northland neighbors in need.

Our food provides stability and nourishes our Northland neighbors in need. It allows children to grow up healthy, focus and concentrate in school. It ensures vitality, a sense of well-being and stability for adults. It allows seniors access to essential nutrients which supports their good health.

Through compassion and action, together we’re creating a hunger-free Northland for families, children and seniors in NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.

Providing Food… and Hope

Through the compassion and commitment of our donors, volunteers, agency and community partners, board and staff, Second Harvest Northland strengthens our region – making it a better place for all of us to live.

We all have an opportunity to ensure a hunger-free NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin – not only providing food, but hope and stability for our neighbors experiencing hunger.