School Pantry Program

School pantries are coordinated by the schools, typically a school nurse or social worker. There is no intake or paperwork required. Each school does its own ordering so food on the shelves will vary but typically are foods that could be taken home to make a meal and snack foods.

What types of foods are available?

Our availability varies but often includes shelf-stable entrees like soup or pasta, fruits and vegetables, cereal, snacks and more.

How do I know if I qualify?

Our program is available for food insecure or chronically hungry children.  If your child is in need of additional food please contact your child’s teacher, counselor or school nurse to see how you can access the school pantry. 

What’s required?

There is no paperwork or verification required. 

How does it work?

Someone from the school will help the student access and shop at the school pantry. Each pantry is setup for the needs of their school and community. Students will have access to foods they can bring home for a family meal as well as snack foods that can be eaten during the designated times at school.

For More Information:

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