Our volunteer program has ebbed and flowed since the pandemic began nearly 3 years ago. At times we’ve had more volunteers than opportunities and at other times we’ve had far fewer. We always welcome new volunteers or those who’d like to return.

“After I retired I knew I wanted to work with an organization that gives back to the community,” shares long-time supporter Tom. “My wife and I were already financial donors, so the food bank was the obvious choice.”

Tom delivers our BackPack Program food to schools, re-packs and sorts fresh produce and other food, and even tables at our special events. He shares that his time volunteering is rewarding, “you get to see how they help firsthand. There’s camaraderie among our volunteers that’s rare. I often see the same people and we’ve become friends.” If you’re interested in volunteering to end hunger once in a while, each week or month we’d love to have you join Tom and his volunteer friends. Learn more.