Volunteer FAQ

Q: Do I need to apply to volunteer?

Yes, our application allows us to get to know you and your interests and it allows you to understand and agree to our volunteer expectations.

Q: Where can I volunteer?

We have volunteer opportunities at our facilities in Duluth and Grand Rapids, MN, and throughout NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.

Q: How many volunteers can you accommodate?

We’re typically able to accommodate 1 to 30 volunteers for any one opportunity. It is important to RSVP your attendance as we do have minimum and maximum requirements.

Q: Are there age requirements for volunteers?

Yes, we have specific youth volunteer requirements.

Q: Where are you located?

Our facility in Duluth is located at 4503 Airpark Boulevard. Our facility in Grand Rapids is located at 2222 Cromwell Drive.

Q: Is there parking?

Yes, we offer off-street parking for volunteers at both of our facilities.

Q: What should I wear?

Please wear closed-toe shoes, clean and comfortable clothing. If you are working with our food, please wear shirts that cover the shoulder and armpit area, refrain from wearing jewelry, or clothing with loose, dangling beads.

Q: Should I bring supplies or equipment?

No, for the safety of our food and volunteers we’ll provide all supplies needed for your volunteer tasks.

Q: Can I bring food or beverages?

Yes, but only for consumption in our break areas.

Q: Can I chew gum or use tobacco?

You may smoke in our outdoor designated areas, however, chewing gum and tobacco are not allowed.

Q: What if I’m ill?

Please reschedule your volunteer shift if you are, or have been ill, in the last 24 hours.

Q: What if I have food allergies?

In a food environment like ours, we cannot guarantee that you won’t be exposed to food allergens.  Please consider other regional volunteer opportunities.

Q: What do I do with my valuables?

Please leave your valuables at home. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items while you’ve volunteered with us.

Q: What if there’s inclement weather?

Please contact us in inclement weather to ensure we are still operating or if you cannot make your shift.

Q: Can I drop in to volunteer or do I need to schedule?

Please contact us to schedule your volunteer service in advance. Our opportunities occur during varying times and days, and we do have a maximum capacity for most opportunities.

Q: Can I volunteer part of a shift?

Please let us know if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled shift. We depend on you to complete our volunteer tasks.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

Please contact us if you are unable to fulfill your scheduled shift.  We depend on you to complete our work.

Q: Do you accommodate people with physical or mental limitations?

Yes, we are able to offer accommodation for nearly all physical and mental abilities. Like all volunteer opportunities, this is subject to space and availability.

Q: Do you support community service volunteers?

Yes, we offer opportunities for community service volunteers on a case-by-case basis subject to space and availability.

Q: What activities are prohibited by volunteers?

Inappropriate language, behavior or attire; violence or harassment of any type, theft, damage to property, use or possession of drugs, alcohol or weapons, use of tobacco in undesignated areas, in adherence to personal, food safety, or program procedures, defiance of confidentiality, engaging in activities in conflict with our values or the civil rights of others; discussion or debates that are political, social or religious in nature.

Q: Do you accept matching gifts for volunteer hours?

Yes, please let us know if you’re offered this opportunity.

Q: Are there other ways to get involved?

Yes, there are many ways to give and get involved.

Q: How can I learn more about you?

Learn about us and what we do by visiting our website.  You can also attend one of our quarterly “Behind the Scenes” tours to learn about our hunger-relief work.  Contact us for more information (218) 336-2303.