Whole Foods Co-op has served the Duluth-Superior community for more than 50 years, including nearly two decades as a partner in our work. They promote sustainable food systems within local communities, including their donation of surplus food to our organization.

“Food is a basic human right in which all of humanity needs to survive. At Whole Foods Co-op, we believe that all persons should have access to and be free from hunger,” shared Marci Strack, marketing manager at the Co-op.

“Through our partnership with Second Harvest we provide weekly contributions that are distributed to our friends and neighbors who experience food insecurity. Our partnership furthers the fight to end food insecurity within our community.”

Over the past year, Whole Foods Co-op has donated nearly 75,000 pounds of food, resulting in over 60,000 meals for our Northland neighbors experiencing hunger. We’re grateful for generous partners like them!