Our Mobile or “Pop Up” Food Pantry Programs have supported neighbors for over a decade. They ensure nutritious food where need is high and food resources are low, especially in rural communities. As part of our recent merger, we leaned into neighbor and partner feedback and reviewed our 15-county map to learn where this important resource was most helpful and would ensure equitable food access within our region.

For neighbors like Tammy, your support of our program is important. “This is a big help to me being I lost my daughter to breast cancer, and I now take care of my grandchildren,” she shares. And for John, “I think it’s an incredible thing you guys do with the pantry. Many times, it has just given me hope to know it’s here when I need it.”

Our Mobile trucks pull into communities like Marble, Big Falls, Hurley, and Solon Springs loaded with pallets of shelf-stable and perishable food. Fresh produce, dairy, meat, and other foods are unloaded and set up by our community volunteers. Neighbors register and as they drive through their vehicles are filled with nutritious food.

Thank you for ensuring over 903,000 meals through our Mobile programs to Northland neighbors like Anne who recently shared following our distribution, “This is the best thing to happen to the community since I’ve been here.”